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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Flick Book

How to Make a Flick Book

A really simple animation can be made using a flick book. Make your own moving pictures with just a pen and a book! Take a look at this simple You Tube video, which shows a flick book in action.



Although any plain book corner will be suitable for Flick animation, this little book was a very lucky find, lots of smooth, white blank pages, just perfect for making a Flick Book! Also needed was a Sharpie pen and a red felt tip pen, now to start drawing a simple little figure.


First page, the figure has his arms and legs in one position, then next page draw the same body but just move his arms and legs to another position. Keep on changing the position of the figure's arms and legs, page by page, not forgetting to occasionally also move his body. Make him jump and dance with joy!


Flick book example flick book sml.gif


Make this ready drawn flick book. Just cut out the pages and staple them together in grey area and cover the staples with masking tape. Remember to keep the pages in number order as you assemble the book.





Download the sheet of images on the left to make a Ready Drawn Flick Book.

Download the sheet of blank pages on the right to draw your own images and Make Your Own Flick Book, remember to number the pages before cutting them out.


Flick-book-21-with-man.gif Flick-book-pages.gif